There are two ways to create advertisements on Facebook. 🤖👾👂

  1. Facebook LIKES Manager
    facebook advertising
  2. Facebook Business Manager

facebook advertising

In this demonstration, we will create a simple advertisement that creates conversation for users to message your page for more info.

I prefer the business manager because there are more tools available for targeting custom audiences on Facebook.  You have access to mass amounts data, conversion pixels and ad creations. Are you excited? Me too — let’s get started!

Create Messenger Ad For Facebook

*note: you must create a Facebook Business account to use this demo*

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Click the green “create ad” button in the top left corner. Click guided creation — it is better for beginners.

Under quick creation – name the campaign and select “messages” for converting users.

I don’t have a strategic system for naming Facebook advertisements – I include the type of ad, maybe the month and whatever the action will be.

Next, set the budget for what should be used daily or lifetime duration of the advertisement running. I prefer lifetime because it is a better way to fluctuate the budget for conversions.

What is a conversion? A conversion is when a social media user becomes a customer. Conversions are sweet spots for my agency, we always win.

Select the audience of where you target your consumers.. use Google analytics or look a like audience to determine who your audience looks like. Take some time to pick and choose carefully of which interests your audience may be.

This is important – Edit Placements

You should only select Facebook newsfeed and / or Facebook messenger for this type of advertisement.

I like to place the advertisement on a schedule because I know my audience will be online during that time.. and you don’t want to run advertisements 24/7 to an audience who may be sleeping.. Since this is the techno industry, many are night owls.

Creating the assets for the ads

Develop a short headline that is a call to action to catch the attention of your audience. There is an option for A/B testing, which picks the title that is converting click thru to your website.

Write a long description – I find that including more information is better for they user. They are more inclined to making an action if you put all of the necessary information.

*Tip” Include emojis — they work!

Now let’s confirm the budget, schedule, placement of advertisements.

Advanced – download two apps one your phone

1/ Facebook Ads Manager

2/ Facebook LIKES Manager

Both are resourceful to edit your ads and respond to social media users in real-time.


This is an example of the ad preview using Facebook Ads for Mobile

facebook ad - messenger


Here is the overview of the results from your ad — click on the pencil icon to edit or view more information

Hover over the results tab to select the order of dates to see your conversions. You can filter by lifetime, 7 days or 1 day.

facebook ad - messenger


continue scrolling the page to see which locations are converting

facebook ad - messenger