1. Social Media Overview: Download PDF

Review the information that is needed before submitting a request for social media services. Complete access to your social media channels; passwords & usernames must be verified and authorization sent to – on Facebook & Instagram. You must create a Facebook Business manager; every company is required to have one Facebook Business manager where you can host multiple Facebook LIKE pages, payment methods, Facebook pixel access and development of ad sets.

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2. Client On-Boarding Document

This client on-boarding document identifies the admin access that is required for pixel installation, analytics, reporting& content management. If you have any questions about what is required, please send your questions to

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So you are ready to go!? I am too — View this checklist and complete all items so we can rock & roll, baby!

Download Checklist

3. Need some help?

Schedule a one-to-one social media consultation for assistance with your access & marketing programs. Social media consults must be made with arrangements in advance at $100.00 rate for 45 minutes using Skype.

social media strategy

Provide access to analytics, website, social media networks & competitor website links. The turn-around is 7 business days from receiving required assets.

Why is Social Media Strategy important?

Develop a social media strategy that aligns to the company goals and how to achieve them. Align the social media goals with the business goals to improve your social media profiles. This is an extensive document with big data on your audience insights & industry research.

  • Develop a content marketing plan with a flow of visuals that represent a brand story.  See this example – CMM Plan
  • Use analytics to track progress and adjust KPIs for ad spend & results.
Business Goals Social Goals
Brand Awareness Reach
Thought Leadership Buzz-Worthy Content
Word of Mouth Shares, Likes
Generate Leads Drive Actions (Call, Email, Website, App download)
Create Conversions Conversions

Research more on Social Media Strategy with a blog post on my personal brand:

Let’s build your influence in the social sphere. 🚀