Growth hacking is rapidly growing your base of followers quickly by using hacks & shortcuts to attract a large amount of fans. Use this guide to develop a strategy that with hack your brand on Instagram.

Growth hacking can be essential to building your brand with organic reach, power and influence. Understand what this social media technique really means before you start to hack your brand:

– what do you want your Instagram profile to look like?
– is it important to have a large number of followers?
– how will you convert your followers into sales?
– is it important to play the numbers game?

Your Number of Followers is
Social Proof & Credibility

Your audience is a level of trust and credibility to show how well you deliver your online presence and communications style.

Part 1: Growth Hacking For Techno Artists
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First, you need a list of music producers, social media influencers & brand advocates in the space. You should focus on segmenting this list into categories (house, deep house, techno, dark techno).

I store my list in Google Drive so my social media team can have access to add to the list.








Here is direct access to the list.

Create columns that include brand name / username / # of followers & a direct link to their profile.


— Quick Tip Find —

To locate brand influencers that are performing well on social media in the techno industry –
have a quick Google search (like below).








You can start by viewing this list of top techno artists from 2017 techno influence resource.

Growth Hacking Part 2: How To Video

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Try Using These Growth Hacking
Techniques Without Applying A Tool

1. Pick a industry niche.. and stick with it.
2. Rotate your hashtags so you find a different audience type.
3. Drill down your ideal target audience.
4. Follow your competitors or influencers to see which posts are performing.
5. Upload hi-quality images at the right time.
6. Have a social media plan with goals and objectives.

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