Actionable Instagram Insights. made easy using this Instagram tool for robust reporting. Learn how to access deep insights into your Instagram account by measuring your performance and benchmark against competitors.

Benefits of this Instagram tool:

  • View your profile, engage with your audience and see how effectively your brand is engaging on Instagram
  • Engage with your audience, understand what drives engagement and growth.
  • Create custom circles to monitor content from specific accounts.
  • Monitor and compare competitors.

Social Media Tool For Instagram – Ink361

1. Sign Up for a FREE account with
2. Log into your Instagram account
3. Wait a few moments for your statistics to populate.


Your latest Instagram posts will display underneath your screen-name. Let’s run thru it.

View your profile, engagement and conversations about your brand. Click on the post to view the comments, respond in real time and analyze the reach.

Summarize your profile for actionable insights.

Discover how many posts are published over time (year / month) and benchmark on where your brand should be. Set goals.

Learn which posts have the top performing comments and likes.

There are other features where you can utilize Ink361 to analyze your data and discover your target audience. Follow me on social media @missydi to learn more about social media strategy.