Discover how your business or brand is performing on social media with an exclusive audit outlining current social media profiles, in-depth target audience report and competitive analysis.

Do you need an in-depth social media audit to show your marketing team that social media is a must?

Here is the opportunity for an exclusive social media audit for  your brand, business or organization. In this social media audit you will receive a full report including screenshots, robust reporting, and summary on the following sections:

Social Media Audit

Examine Current Social Media Profiles
– Screenshots of all social media platforms
– Check for completion of details
– Check for consistency of brand imagery and content
– Provide recommendations of areas on social media platforms that need improvement

Social Media Analytics
– Provide robust reporting to measure key metrics like followers, engagement, impressions and reach for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.
– Understand the target audience, where users are coming from, what time of day and any actions that are made on the social channels
– Identify your audience using analytic insights and data. This data includes information on men/women, age, interests and geolocation of current audience.
– Top performing posts, influencers and promotions

Competitive Analysis Report
– Provide social media details on 3 to 4 influencers OR competitors who are doing well in the industry
– Screenshots of social media profiles including followers
– Summary of content utilized, what is performing, what is not working

A social media audit is the first step to understand wants and needs on social media. After the social media audit is complete, we can move into steps for a social media strategy to achieve your goals that will generate revenue & visibility to your business.

Please contact directly to schedule a consultation, reference social media audit.
1. A proposal will be submitted outlining the production cost and timeframe of completion.
2. Please prepare a password document for all social media handles.