Doing some hoe sh!t—- using Bumble to grow my following by 100+ a day on Instagram ajajaja

– subscribed to the level up – one package higher for the app. So I know when ‘swipe’ for me. Started in Bali but wasnt serious until a week ago when the messages started to roll in
– i put on the pretty blue eyes photo to lock em in – because blue eyes are rare in Colombia
– included in my profile @missydi to contact me
– swipe for 5 minutes a day in the Bee Line ‘swipe yes’ ajaja
– and never speak to them (look at my cue) — over 500 waiting for my messages
– and ya know, they contact on a daily via DMs — boosting my engagement with 33% more active messages.

Hoe Shit 😜 but its a winning process for my social media — up up up up – numbers go up up up

Dont hate the player; hate the game 😎#UseItDontAbuseIt

I hope buzzfeed picks this up.. its frigging genius

1. create epic profile with mind-blowing photos

melissa divietri bumble

2. Upgrade to the new subscription (for better swiping matches)

melissa divietri bumble

3. Make a profile with clear call to action – IG: missydi

melissa divietri bumble

4. Start Swiping – Bee Hive

melissa divietri bumble

5. No Communication on App

melissa divietri bumble

6. Open “Others” Folder on Instagram – Here they are!

melissa divietri bumblemelissa divietri bumble

7. Engagement Rate Soars Higher

melissa divietri bumble

8. Responses are Golden

melissa divietri instagram hacking

9. Drive DMs to Website to Opt-In Email

melissa divietri instagram hackingmelissa divietri instagram hacking